About us

We scale businesses with digital transformation

Our story began with Enumeration Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2013 with a strong driving force towards making a difference. When passion met high skill sets, we rolled out creative solutions and that is how AtomMatic.com emerged as our branding domain for IT Services.

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Our Vission

“AtomMatic strongly believes in delivering scalable solutions to our Clients.
We envision ourselves to be a pioneer in Application Development to help businesses in Digital Transformation. We assist in developing the future.”


Our Mission

To be on the forefront of the Digital Era, our approach revolves around a rigorous goal of improving our knowledge base and keeping ourselves updated with the latest technologies.
To deliver the best, we first focus on being the best.


Our core values & business process


Crossing Bridges and Client Relations

Whether you are a start-up or a large organization, we value all our Clients equally regardless of the project size or budget. From the very first contact till the last email, our main objective is to provide a seamless and hassle-free project management and solution delivery.
We spend the entire duration of the project to get to know our Client better, believe in their vision and ideas, and help them to realize and transform their ideas into reality.
We strongly believe in a trusting and transparent business process and work environment where effective communication is the cornerstone to a lasting business relationship.
Our personalized approach tailored to each individual client is what sets us apart from the competition. We position ourselves as an extension of the Client’s organization with a formal flow of information, ideas and communication.


Empowering your Business

Every business has a unique business environment and a model that it functions within. When companies undergo a digital transformation or improve their online presence, these critical factors are often overlooked which results in a sub-par an implementation which adversely affects the digital transformation process.
At AtomMatic, each App or Software that we develop with a Client-centric approach is made with a particular purpose whether it be to reach new customers or streamlining workflow. We identify your business environment and develop the right solutions that maximise the efficiency of digital transformation.
We empower your business by a better understanding of core business objectives and predicting scenarios of how stakeholders will interact with the software or App and what problems it will solve. This enables us to deliver high-quality products and sets us apart in the market.


Realistic approach to Monetization

At the pre-development stage, AtomMatic provides valuable insights to Clients, keeping industry practices in mind via a professional approach.
We perform market research, crash test Apps and Software, identify monetization potentials, conduct competitor analysis and gather feedback from focus groups recommending relevant features of the App or Software being developed.
We are interested in our Client’s business success and we treat it as our own. And by relevant research and input, we increase the rate of success and advise our clients on the best course of action.


Excellence in Support Services

We understand the fact that modern Apps are heavily dependent on third-party modules, services, standards and OS Guidelines. Some of our Clients may be concerned that their App may become outdated within half a year.
To put our clients at ease, we develop projects that are carefully crafted and integrated with the existing tech environment.
This reduces maintenance costs and works longer without significant updates.
We are focused on the staying relevant on innovative tech and constantly adopt new practices and package solutions provided by the tech community and App Developers which allows us to develop and launch high-quality Apps.